OT: [OS X TeX] The measure of progress

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Sun Mar 31 04:11:29 EST 2002

On Sunday, March 31, 2002, at 05:57 , Adrian Heathcote wrote:

> All
> I'm concerned about the rate of change for TeXShop. Incremental changes 
> in the decimal column mean that it will take 81 changes for us to ever 
> get to TeXShop 2.00. Assuming, for the moment, a constant rate of 
> revision of one change every month, that means that we will not get to 
> 2.00 for almost seven years!

Why seven year.s? I envisage a TeXShop.app version 1.136...

> But the reality is likely to be far worse. If we assume that Dick Koch 
> improves TeXShop with every revision, so as to make future revisions 
> less needed and therefore less frequent, I think we can easily envision 
> a scenario whereby none of us ever lives to see TeXShop 2.00!

Hah, the lure of beautiful round numbers. Raed "The Number Sense" by 
Stanislas Dehaene (Penguin).

Seriously, I think a major revision is something you do when you lose 
upward compatibility of the old version with the new version. That could 
come for instannce when Dick stops using that *.texshop method for 
keeping track of the root of the project. Or something else.


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