[OS X TeX] ANNOUNCE: New TeX/gs releases for Mac OS X

M. Tamer =?ISO-8859-1?B?1g==?=zsu tozsu at sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 31 06:43:03 EST 2002

On 3/28/02 8:00 AM, "Gerben Wierda" <sherlock at rna.nl> wrote:

> Dear everybody,
> I am happy to announce the release of a new TeX/gs release and a new
> generic installer-mechanism. I have also released an update of the old
> installer.

I am trying to use the installer and attempted to change the ghostscript URL
to 7 as indicated in the readme file. However, I am getting the error

"i-Package name should stay the same."

when I try to change the URL. What am I doing wrong?
M. Tamer Ozsu
University of Waterloo

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