Fonts &c. (was Re: [OS X TeX] Fonts included with Textures?)

William Adams wadams at
Thu Mar 28 10:39:53 EST 2002

Adrian asked:
>I fear this response muddies some already muddy water. The issue was
>simple: do Macs' normal .pfa outline fonts work in teTeX or do they
>to be converted to .pfb?

Macs don't have ``normal .pfa outline fonts'', but funky, ``LWFN'' fonts
which are hidden away in the resource fork so that one can't open them
up with a standard text editor. I forget the specific details of whether
or no they're ASCII.

>It is a simple question which should have a
>simple answer.

You should use the extant tools (as bundled with OzTeX, or CMacTeX) for
converting LWFN files to a format which makes sense on platforms which
aren't burdened by a proprietary resource-fork oriented filesystem. Said
tools also automagically convert to .pfa presumably, if not, check with
Frank Siegert at and see if he's ported his font
conversion utility.


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