PDF presentations /again/ [was Re: [OS X TeX] Equation Service]

Ullrich Steiner u.steiner at chem.rug.nl
Fri Mar 22 02:57:33 EST 2002

> but my figures look horrible [*]. Anything rendered from PS vector 
> files gets scaled and rendered horribly by Acrobat (reader or full, 
> Mac, Mac OS X, 'doze, etc.). What should be smooth lines come out all 
> clumpy looking.

I have been using Acrobat for presentations for quite a while now - it 
works without a glitch.  In fact, in terms of display quality, my 
presentations look better than most PowerPoint presentations.

To assemble the presentation, I use pdf and eps material from various 
sources.  I use Arobat to get the material in the right sequence and do 
the final editing in Illustrator.  The main nuisance in this is that 
Illustrator does not display some of the fonts (but we had this earlier 
in this forum).

- Ulli

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