[OS X TeX] problem using gs 6.52 with teTeX

Olivier Larroche o.larroche at freesurf.fr
Wed Mar 6 17:09:53 EST 2002


Since the version of gs which is included with teTeX for MacOSX (TeXshop) does
not have support compiled in for X11, I just downloaded the source code for
ghostscript (version 6.52, it seems) and compiled it myself (wow...) and
replaced gs6.01 with that. Now several (may be related) problems arise:
 - running dvips on dvi files that I have and viewing the result with gs6.52
leads to very poor font rendering quality on screen; pdf versions of those ps
files obtained with ps2pdf (which, as far as I understand, runs gs as well)
display the same bad quality in Acrobat Reader 5, and in addition the display is
very slow. When I look at the font info in Acroread for those pdf files, I find
only "Type 3" fonts mentioned instead of good old Type 1 fonts.
 - opening those pdf files within texshop or letting texshop make them itself
>from dvi leads to a mostly blank page, with just a few characters spread here
and there on the screen...
 - running xdvi (that I also compiled from source) on the same dvi files gives a
satisfactory display, which, as far as I understand, tends to mean that the
problem lies in dvips (that's the version that came with texshop, I only
replaced gs-related stuff).

Any idea about what is going on? I would very much like to keep an X11-enabled
gs around to display PS files, since I did'nt find any version of MacGS working
on MacOSX.

Thank you,
Olivier Larroche

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