[OS X TeX] gradients and PAINFULLY slow previews

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Mar 11 09:18:46 EST 2002

Gary said:
> either use the resulting .pdf file (with the proper viewport since it
> not have the proper bounding box) for inclusion in our documents or
with a
> little more processing, we get .pdf and .eps files with the proper
> boxes. When the original Illustrator .eps file has gradients, it takes
> huge amount of time for the preview to appear when we typeset the
> .eps file (or when we include the marked up file in a subsequent
> assuming we are willing to wait for the original typeset to finish).

How're you getting the .eps file over to a .pdf? What version are you
saving it out as? with what options?

It sounds like the gradient is getting decomposed to individual
rectangles (or perhaps rasterized to a bitmap?)

If your audience / printer will support it, the ideal would be to get
the gradient into the .pdf as a ``coolshade'', but I don't know if
GhostScript &c. support that (Distiller does, of course, 'least the
later versions). Since you're using Adobe stuff already, might as well
go whole hog---it'll solve a lot of difficulties, though may not be as
easy to integrate (anyone suggested a CLI access to Distiller to Adobe?)


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