[OS X TeX] epstopdf (2.8draft)

Gerben Wierda sherlock at rna.nl
Mon Mar 25 16:42:59 EST 2002

On Monday, March 25, 2002, at 02:09 , Dr. Paul Fons wrote:

>  In order to get around the MediaBox bug of Illustrator X (it sets the 
> image size to A4 as opposed to the artwork), I have been saving my 
> artwork as a eps file from Illustrator and then using epstopdf (teTeX 
> flavor - version 2.8draft).  This works (sort of).  I find I can open 
> the files in Acrobat and display them correctly.  When I attempt to 
> read the files back into Illustrator again, however, all of the line 
> widths are increase by a factor of 10 (e.g. 1.5 point width becomes 15 
> point).  This makes for some interesting variations in my original 
> artwork, but is not particularly useful for the presentation I had in 
> mind (I still don't want to use powerpoint -- it has its own 
> problems).  Any ideas of workarounds for this issue -- a new version 
> perhaps?

Of Illustrator? Anyway, if reading them back in Illustrator fails, what 
about other apps on Mac OS X that read PDF. Do they display it OK? In 
that case, it may be another Illustrator bug.

> Also does anyone know to whom this bug should be reported?

To me.

I will need an example file as well as illustrations (e.g. grab screen 
parts) on how it looks and how it should look.

>  I doubt it is Adobe's problem -- pdf files saved by Illustrator can be 
> modified and saved and Acrobat and reimported without problem.  All I 
> really want to do is to work around the MediaBox problem in a simple 
> manner, if possible, preserving the ability to further edit the files 
> in Illustrator.  Any suggestions?


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