[OS X TeX] How do I instal Mathtime fonts?

Tore Haug-Warberg haugwarb at chembio.ntnu.no
Tue Mar 12 05:38:14 EST 2002


I just tried to typeset a document in MathTime without success (math 
symbols are mapped incorrectly, or not at all, on the screen). My preamble was:


The motivation for using MathTime is simple: There are thousands of fonts 
available for ordinary text use, but the number seems to be limited to 4(?) 
for those (like me) writing mathematics in LaTeX:

1) Computer Modern
2) MathTime + MathTime Plus
3) Lucida New Math + Lucida Bright Expert
4) Euler

My personal favorite is the MathTime family because it produces highly 
legible documents (both on screen and paper), and has a somewhat richer 
font set than Computer Modern.
Speaking about TeX-fonts, however, there is one question coming over and 
over. How do I install e.g. the MathTime fonts? I have read the "teTeX 
Manual" by Thomas Esser and I have (tried) to read "The LaTeX Companion" by 
Goossens et al. but without getting close to an understanding of the font 
matter. I would greatly appreciate any help from this forum to get started 
on the "font selection marathon". I have a little experience with command 
line utilities and know programming in general, but don't expect technical 
knowledge-in-depth from my side!

Best regards, Tore.

Ass. Prof. Tore Haug-Warberg
Dept. Chemical Engineering
Norwegian Institute of Technology and Science
N-7491 Trondheim
mail adress: tore.haug-warberg at chemeng.ntnu.no
telephone: +47-735-94108

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