[OS X TeX] Fink and LaTeX2HTML question

Bruce D'Arcus bdarcus at mac.com
Sun Mar 3 08:25:29 EST 2002

I just tried to install the latex2html filter via Fink, but went through 
the following process, which I canceled because I was worried I'd screw 
something up (I am a unix neophyte, and hate having to use the 
terminal!).  From the terminal:

> fink needs help picking an alternative to satisfy a virtual dependency. 
> The
> candidates:
> (1)  ghostscript6
> (2)  ghostscript6-nox
> Pick one: [1] 1
> The following package will be installed or updated:
>  latex2html
> The following 18 additional packages will be installed:
>  context ghostscript ghostscript-fonts ghostscript6 hyperref libjpeg 
> libpng
>  libtiff libwww netpbm pdftex system-xfree86 tetex tetex-base 
> tetex-macosx
>  tetex-texmf texinfo zlib

So, Fink asked me to specify a whole list of options.  My worry is, I 
know a lot of this is already installed somewhere via the TeTeX 
distribution I installed about a month ago.  So, what to do so I don't 
cause any problems?

Another alternative would be for some unix wizard out there to wrap 
lt2html in a nice little gui, or to otherwise make this more 
accessible  :-)


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