[OS X TeX] How to Insert Graphics Using TeXShop?

Fredrik Wallenberg fwallenberg at mac.com
Mon Mar 11 22:13:45 EST 2002



will create a page dedicated to floats. This is a good way to "catch up" 
if you want them close to where the reference occurs in your text.


On Monday, March 11, 2002, at 05:19 PM, Zachary Davis wrote:

> Unfortunately, the [h] label didn't seem to place the floats where they 
> were declared in the source file, and kept skipping over segments of 
> text (complete sections) until they were placed in the next free page.  
> I've tried adjusting the spacing between floats on a page, the 
> textwidth, textheight, etc. to see what I could control by altering 
> each.  However, the placement of figures is still less than would be 
> desired.
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