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Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Wed Nov 6 11:57:38 EST 2002

Le mercredi, 6 nov 2002, à 17:15 Europe/Paris, Oliver Hardt a écrit :

> hello all:  sorry for this but on this list is a bunch of very 
> reasonable people that potentially could help me out ... i am getting 
> pretty annoyed with IE, actually, i am starting to hate working with 
> this p.o.s.  so, is there a browser out there you would recommend 
> instead?  thanks for your help and sorry for the OT rant.

Five possible choices, at least, on Mac OS X:

- Mozilla at <http://www.mozilla.org>: the public domain descendant of 
Netscape Communicator. Big (browser, mail, composer, IRC chat, address 
book), multi-platform. You know the saying: trying to please everybody, 
at the risk of pleasing nobody, and to do everything, at the risk of 
doing nothing very well. Not quite Mac, as OS X has already its own 
mail, chat and address book applications. Very impressive in any case. 
With also calendar, spell check, MathML editor planned.

- Netscape 7 at <http://www.netscape.com>: Netscape's version of the 
above. Which means in particular: IRC chat replaced by AOL chat, and 
popup blocking disabled.

- Chimera at <http://www.mozilla.org/projects/chimera>: lightweight, 
browser-only version of Mozilla, designed specially for the Mac, with 
Gecko (Mozilla's graphic engine) embedded in a Cocoa user interface. In 
development (version 0.6 now), but works already very well. Can't print 
to A4 paper though, at least for me.

- Phoenix at <http://www.kmgerich.com/misc.html>: multi-platform, 
lightweight, browser-only version of Mozilla, redesigned in the XUL 
language. Primarily for Windows and Linux, for the moment, but the 
experimental unofficial Mac build at the address above works already 
very well. And it does print on A4 paper! Version 0.4, the original 
site is <http://www.mozilla.org/projects/phoenix>. With the Pinstripes 
theme it feels very Mac. In my opinion, though it was started after 
Chimera, it might take over.

- OmniWeb at <http://www.omnigroup.com/applications/omniweb>: an 
alternative to all these Mozilla-based browsers. It is allegedly more 
powerful than them (more customizable), and (if I understood well) it 
started its life as a Next application so it was designed from the 
start with Cocoa in mind. But I think its rendering of graphic files is 
less good than that achieved by Mozilla.

So, as you may have guessed, my choice would be: 1 ex. Phoenix/Chimera, 
3 Mozilla, 4 Netscape, 5 OmniWeb. But I'm not a specialist neither a 
programmer, rather an end-user.

Bruno Voisin

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