[OS X TeX] PDF with Lucida Bright

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote at philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Fri Nov 15 20:13:32 EST 2002

As far as I know using a font in a pdf is the same as publishing in 

> I always liked the look of the Lucida Bright fonts from Y&Y ever 
> seeing it
> used in "A LaTeX Companion." I assume there is no problem with 
> publishing in
> print documents using those fonts; especially if there is an 
> acknowledgement
> of the source in a colophon.

But it is not necessary to acknowledge the source and most print 
publishers don't.
> What about publishing in PDF, where at least portions of the font is 
> stored
> in the file itself?

This is also fine. Indeed Adobe invented pdf to stop the completely 
necessary, but also rampant, violations of copyright on fonts when they 
were transferred from DTP houses to print shops. With pdf only the file 
needs to be transferred and the font information is embedded.

Once you own the font you can use it in good conscience---you simply 
can't give away or trade the outline files in the font. (As far as I 
know the AFM files are freely transferable.)

Adrian Heathcote

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