[OS X TeX] blank display of documents in TeXShop?

Alessandro Languasco languasc at math.unipd.it
Fri Nov 1 12:04:12 EST 2002

On Venerdì, nov 1, 2002, at 17:24 Europe/Rome, Johann Beda wrote:

> 	Howdy you TeX Mac OS X mailing list people,
> 	Here is a head scratcher for you.
> 	Last week I updated my wife's computers to Gerben's latest fat
> installation and the latest TeXShop (1.20).
> 	The computer is a PowerMac G4 933MHz single processor, 1Gig Ram,
> running Mac OS X 10.1.5.
> 	Everything seemed to be working fine with previously created files,
> but there is something screwy going on with newly created documents.  I
> will try to describe the problem, but might not do so very well, since 
> I
> got the description over the phone.
> 	When she creates a new document, say something simple that just
> prints "test" onto a page, and hits the "LaTeX" button, the window that
> TeXShop opens up to display test.pdf is completely blank.  However, in 
> both
> Acrobat Reader and Apple's Preview, the file test.pdf displays fine, 
> and it
> prints fine from TeXShop or Acrobat or Preview.
> 	This seems to be a problem only newly created files or with files
> that have been "saved as" something else after some edits.  I had my 
> wife
> delete the preferences .plist for TeXShop thinking that that might 
> help,
> and it did not.

I had the same problem some times ago and I saved the situation
downgrading Texshop from 1.20 to 1.19.

TeXshop 1.20 runs fine wit OS X 10.2, so you can even
avoid your problem by upgrading the OS.

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