[OS X TeX] Re: CM-Super warnings (DONT IGNORE!)

Ralph Martin Ralph.Martin at cs.cardiff.ac.uk
Wed Nov 6 14:42:34 EST 2002

On Wednesday, November 6, 2002, at 05:47  pm, Ralph Martin wrote:
> Gerben
> your file didn't work for me, even though I have CM-Super installed: 
> the tex log shows

A little later I wrote
> Please ignore. I just updated with Today's release of CM-super, and 
> all appears to be OK.

And now here's my final word:

I was right the first time, sort of. There is some bad interaction 
the Tex i-installers and / or the Ghostscript 7 i-installer, and
the Super CM i-installer:

After updating my TeX and ghostscript installations, I then got errors 
from Gerben's CM Super test file. They went away after I reopened the 
CM-Super i-installer, and re-ran its configure script.

Gerben, is there some way this can be (i) prevented or (ii) 
reconfiguring be done automatically if CM-Super is present?



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