[OS X TeX] Some Font Questions

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Tue Nov 5 09:05:11 EST 2002

Bob asked:
>What are the CM Super fonts? They are included as one of  Gerben's 
>ipackages. Have been through the archives, read stuff found through 
>google and read Gerben's site, but find it all confusing. What is the 
>difference between the CM and CM Super and why would someone use one 
>over the other? 

Simple version: CM Super is an extended set of Type 1 fonts set up to
allow easier use of accents w/ hyphenation.

>Can TeX use any type 1 font? 

Pretty much. See the FontInst docs (the pre-release version has the most
and most up-to-date), also Karl Berry's FontName scheme.

>Do these need to be 
>converted or something? 

Depends on your TeX Distribution. Normally for Gerben's tetex package
you need to convert them from resource fork to data fork format.

>"The TeXBook" says  TeX can use any system 
>font. Really? 

Yes, if one sets up one's system so as to manage it. Arguably by DEK's
way of thinking this might include writing your own .dvi filter program...

>As in "Lucida Grande" and "Marker Felt"? That would be 
>cool. If so, how?

For these you need to get them from .dfont format to normal .ttf, then
you can either use the .ttf or continue to convert it to a Type 1 font
and install that.


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