[OS X TeX] how best to draw diagrams

Luis Sequeira lsequeir at fc.ul.pt
Mon Nov 4 08:11:42 EST 2002

>for a paper in economics (trade theory) I have to draw several 
>diagrams. Up to now, I am looking what the Lamport-book says and 
>draw the pictures using the commands for arrows, lines, curves etc. 
>And this is very time consuming, especially to get tangential points 
>It would be nice if anyone could have a look at the pictures and 
>recommend a better / more efficient way to draw them. I would prefer 
>LaTeX-Code for the pictures, not simply any graphics/drawing package 
>and then including .pdf- or .jpg-files.

Looking at your drawings,  PSTricks comes to mind as a good way to 
achieve this kind of output from within LaTeX.

You may already have it in your installation.

It is worth it to print the manual and have it handy.
If you have TeXShop/teTeX, it is down at something like 


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