[OS X TeX] Jaguar and TeXShop/teTeX - safe?

Themis Matsoukas matsoukas at psu.edu
Wed Nov 6 12:53:23 EST 2002

I was in exactly the same position ( I even asked the same question in 
this group). I delayed upgrade for the same reason until about two 
weeks ago. Here is my experience after the upgrade:

1) The upgrade was very easy. I did not have to re-install applications 
or fonts. After the upgarde, my previous tetex/texshop installation was 
fully functional. This was great relief as I had spent hours backing up 
everything fearing I might have to re-install my applications.

2) I noticed the reported slowdown in texshop with color syntax on but 
not to the point that I could use texshop. It was not as bad as I had 
assumed. The severity of the slowdown is related to the processor 
speed. I have a G3 iMac, 700  MHz, 356 RAM. With syntax coloring on, 
the typing speed is a bit slow but not incapacitating. With a large 
document (~20 printed pages), though, it can take several seconds 
before colored syntax is applied to the whole document (you can see the 
color wave moving down).

3) After I noticed the slowdown in texshop I downloaded and installed 
version 1.2. This version is also slow in coloring but I can't say I 
noticed much of a difference compared to the previous version.

4) I have not updated to the newest tetex. The previous installation 
works fine.

5) Printer support is much better. Before Jaguar I could not access 
special printer features such as duplex printing, staples, etc. Now I 

6) Jaguar runs noticeably smoother than OS X 10.1. Before the upgrade I 
was very concerned that Jaguar might be too slow for my processor (you 
know how  it works: you by computer, you upgrade system, you need new 
computer to run the new system, and so on). Windows open faster, 
animation is smoother, there is finally a keyboard shortcut for "hide 
others" (only in the finder, unfortunately).

7) All my applications run but some misbehave (eg Mathematica).

Themis Matsoukas

On Wednesday, November 6, 2002, at 09:39  AM, Greg Starr wrote:

> I have delayed upgrading to Jaguar, partly because of the TeXShop 
> problems reported here; slow updating with syntax coloring, path 
> problems, etc.
> I'm buying Jaguar today, and I wonder what I should expect as far as 
> TeX-related problems?  I'm going to completely wipe my hard drive and 
> clean install everything.
> I am definitely a "non-expert" TeX user, passably familiar with Unix, 
> longtime Mac user.
> Thanks for any advice.
> 	--greg
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