[OS X TeX] i-installer MD5 checksum errors

Dr. Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Tue Nov 5 02:45:51 EST 2002

First off, let me thank you for all your efforts for the macintosh TeX 
community.  I wanted to ask if the MD5 checksum error I am receiving is 
a result of a bad upload or a problem on my end.  Using RC3b 
i-installer, I upgraded my tex package to the latest version (this was 
about a week ago).  Just of our curiosity, I downloaded the new version 
i-installer and found when I attempt to update, my texmf package using 
the package:

I received the error
  The check of the remote package md5 checksum failed.

This happened for both the TeX Foundation package and TeX program 
packages (http://www.math.utah.edu/ftp/pub/i-packages/texbinaries.ii2) 
for both the yale and utah servers (I tried both).  Any idea of what 
might be happening?  Thanks.

										Paul Fons

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