[OS X TeX] BBEdit 7.0

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Wed Nov 13 19:12:13 EST 2002

There is a BBEdit update out.  The  BBEdit site is down. See
www.macintouch.com for pricing.

Two good things for TeX:

1.  It now launches quickly. 6.5 was slowest thing I had on my computer.

2.  The command line tool allows an `open a line command'. This makes it easy
to use BBEdit for editing tex.  If you put setenv TEXEDIT "bbedit +%d %s"
in your .cshrc then doing `e' when you strike an error in command line
latex will automatically open the file in bbedit at the correct line.

These remarks relate to the commercial version of BBEdit of course.


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