[OS X TeX] Inputting Chinese characters into English text?

Aron Skrypeck askrypeck at igc.org
Sat Nov 30 16:35:16 EST 2002

I cannot find a way to input Chinese characters into English text in 
TeXShop or TeX. This seems such a simple thing to ask, and so easy to 
do in other applications on OS X. Have I missed a reference, or am I 
overlooking something really obvious?
I am using TeXShop with TeX. Have located what look like possible 
packages (the most likely thus far being the CJK package for LaTeX, at 
CTAN), but none of these appear to be an ``easy'' or fool proof 
installation (I am good at bungling the non-fool proof!).
Any suggestions or recommendations appreciated.
Thanks, Aron Skrypeck

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