[OS X TeX] BBEdit 7.0

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Thu Nov 14 00:19:45 EST 2002

>Write to the company and ask for it! Maybe we should all be writing 
>to them and expressing our opinions about what we need.
>Richard Séguin

Hi Richard

Good thought. I did write about the need for an option
in the command line tool to handle opening at a line
and they have responded to that.

Actually this if fixable by someone who knows how
to program (not me sadly).  On the Bare Bones web site is an SDK for
making plug-ins.  They have the source for the TeX plugin
which colors the math stuff. I assume it just needs some
more work on it to do more complicated things.

What syntax coloring would people like to see ??

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