[OS X TeX] texshop: how to work with personal script

Paulo Tribolet Abreu paulotex at gmx.net
Tue Nov 12 08:12:47 EST 2002


I have create a shell script to use my private format file. It is 
called pdfreactores and it simply contains the line:
pdftex \&pdfreactores $1
I can launch it from the command line with no problem:
./pdfreactores somefile.tex

However, when I try from TeXShop, the console opens but stays empty, 
the beach ball rolls forever and I have to kill with cmd+esc.

Why? What's wrong?

I have the complete path to the script in the preferences.

Two further questions:

How do I specify the current file to this script? Or more options?

How do I know and control the current directory when the script is 



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