PDF browser plugin (was Re: [OS X TeX] PDFslide transitions -- do they work?)

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Thu Nov 28 12:09:01 EST 2002

Le jeudi, 28 nov 2002, à 17:41 Europe/Paris, Wendy McKay a écrit :

> Did you mean this website?
> http://www.cds.caltech.edu/caltex/2000/
> The talk by Ross Moore should work.
> In the 4talk.pdf file the "local" links will not work but
> the absolute links (orange text) should.
> The links for texpower have now been fixed to the new sourceforge.net 
> site

Talking about PDF documents on web sites: a free PDF browser plugin is 
available at <http://www.schubert-it.com/plugin/>. Though at version 
0.3.1 it works remarkably well, maybe slightly better with Mozilla than 
Chimera or Phoenix. Since it's based, as TeXShop, on Apple's PDF 
visualization classes, it does not support hyperlinks (so it still does 
not allow PDF navigation on ConTeXt web's site, alas, for us OS X 
folks, but you can already see some of the stuff rotating).

I don't think this was ever mentioned on this list, and it's rather 
off-topic. I thought, nonetheless, that some people might be 
interested. I can't remember where I got the URL, probably on the 
Chimera, Mozilla or Phoenix forums, either of the three.

Bruno Voisin

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