[OS X TeX] BBEdit 7.0

Richard Seguin riseguin at earthlink.net
Mon Nov 18 00:19:35 EST 2002

Is there any way to implement in BBEdit the TeXShop equivalent of 
"Tags?" This apparent lack is one reason why I've shied away from using 
BBEdit, because I like the quick navigation through a document that it 
gives us. Am I missing something that anyone else has discovered?

One reason that BBEdit may have become more secret about upcoming 
releases is the presence of another editor being developed in Cocoa: 


The current version that you can download and try out is promising, but 
in its' present state is not at all adequate for LaTeX, especially in 
regard to color syntaxing. They are supposedly working on a 
"professional" version to come out soon, and they are also being 
secretive about  their plans.

Meanwhile, I'm still evaluating the open source JEdit which color 
syntaxes LaTeX very nicely and flexibly, on the order of iTeXMac, and 
which can simulate "Tags" fairly simply using a "hypersearch" feature. 
When the current "bleeding edge" beta version goes "stable," I'll give 
a complete report. In the meantime, if someone wants to try it out, and 
wants to get going quickly with it, I can email some advice. This 
editor is actually a double-clickable Java application, but is very 
quick on my 550 MHz PB.


I'm very curious about the upcoming AlphaX, and will download the beta 
as soon as it comes out.

Richard Séguin

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