[OS X TeX] PDF with Lucida Bright

William Adams wadams at atlis.com
Mon Nov 18 08:48:00 EST 2002

Adrian said:
>But also---I don't know whether this is a matter with any practical 
>consequences. After all if the article or book is large enough, 
>subsetting will give you the entire font anyway. (Recall the way 
>subsetting works: if your total gylph usage is above some set amount 
>then 100% of the font is embedded.) 

It's supposed to be a configurable / user-defined threshold. It'd be a
rare document which approaches any reasonable threshold, esp. for the
new rich, multi-lingual oriented fonts (consider, Zapfino has 1,285
glyphs, well over half of these are accented forms).

>Also, this is lawyer-driven 
>nonsense. You've paid for the font and fair usage. If you can't use it 
>in an article or pdf what have you actually bought. 

Some companies, notably Emigre have different licensing levels for
embedding / no-embedding, so one should check with one's license.
Moreover, it is the right of the designer and his legal-proxies to
determine what usage will or will not be allowed for their intellectual property.

>I doubt if there is 
>a single case of someone being prosecuted for distributing a pdf with 
>100% subsetting. And if it were tried I doubt if the companies would 

Now there's a nasty lawyer-like attitude, ``The law is whatever I can
convince a judge and jury to go along with and has nothing to do with
`right' or `fair'.''

A gentleman (or other honest person) does what is right and proper
without consideration for whether or no he will be caught doing wrong
(or rewarded for doing right).


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