[OS X TeX] BBEdit 7.0

srandby at uakron.edu srandby at uakron.edu
Sat Nov 16 23:33:33 EST 2002

I'm sorry for not responding earlier to the question of the bug I'm referring to in BBEdit. I receive the digest version to limit the number of messages received from this very busy list.

Anyway, the bug is that BBEdit does not recognize page breaks when in Soft Wrap Text mode. I discovered this bug last summer and I told Bare Bones about it. They acknowledged its existence and told me that it was on the list of bugs to be fixed for a future release. It wasn't fixed in 6.5.3 and it only made sense to me that it would be fixed in 7.0. But alas, it is not fixed. Bare Bones told me: "In the case of this particular bug, it didn't make the cut for 7.0, but we do anticipate that it will be investigated and resolved for a future maintenance update." Maybe I'm one of a few who wish this bug was fixed, but it is a bug that is very inconvenient to those of us who use Soft Wrap Text mode.

Normally, I wouldn't submit such an off topic message to this list, but I saw that many subscribers to the list use BBEdit for editing TeX files so I took the opportunity to contribute to the discussion.

One more item. I appreciate this list a great deal and I've found it an invaluable resource of TeX on Mac OS X information. Thanks to all of the individuals who contribute to this list.

Scott Randby

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