[OS X TeX] bad pdf

Gianluca Gorni gorni at dimi.uniud.it
Wed Nov 13 06:02:27 EST 2002


I was used to hearing complaints about Quarz problems with pdf,
for which AcrobatReader came to the rescue.

Now I have met a pdf that prints fine with Preview (and with
MacGS PPC in MacOS 9) but prints all wrong with Acrobat
(both 5.0 and 5.1, classic or X). The problem is a lot of
missing characters, starting from the middle of page 5 onward.
It occurred with 3 different postscript printers.
In all cases the file looks OK on screen.

The pdf was made with Textures + Distiller under MacOS 9.

Does anybody know a way to check if a pdf is safe to post
on the internet? What shall I answer, say, a Windows user
who reports printing problems with my pdf?
Any suggestion?

Thank you in advance,

                   Gianluca Gorni


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