[OS X TeX] PS fonts in Plain TeX on teTeX/TeXShop

Bruno Voisin Bruno.Voisin at hmg.inpg.fr
Fri Nov 22 13:24:21 EST 2002

Le vendredi, 22 nov 2002, à 17:56 Europe/Paris, Paul M Dulaney a écrit :

> Does anyone out there prefer Plain TeX to LaTeX?
> I would like to use PostScript fonts such as Utopia,
> but I don't know how. I imagine it's more difficult
> to do than LaTeX's \usepackage{utopia}, but I'm
> hoping not _too_ much more difficult.

Hi there,

I haven't tried to do this for some time. Right now I can think of two 


OzTeX has support files for precisely what you ask. It's based on using 
the PSNFSS (i.e. LaTeX) metrics for PS fonts, in T1 encoding, in plain 
TeX. There are :

- a file psnames.tex defining convenient names for the PSNFSS fonts 
(like \def\TimesR    {ptmr8t });

- a file pstext.tex doing all the redefinitions necessary for using 
these fonts in plain TeX (essentially adapting plain TeX to T1 
encoding, and allowing to switch back and forth between T1 and OT1);

- a file psfonts.tex showing how PS fonts can be used.

It includes support for Utopia. I don't know to what extent it's 
dependent on OzTeX.


Y&Y at <http://www.yandy.com> (I've no affiliation with them, other 
than liking their products, especially Lucida and MathTime fonts) 
provide freely metrics for most PostScript fonts, in their own encoding 
called LY1 or TeX n' ANSI. Explanation of LY1 is at 
<http://www.yandy.com/ly1.htm>, metrics are at 
<http://www.yandy.com/usely1.htm> and support files for both LaTeX and 
plain TeX are at <http://www.yandy.com/support.htm#ly1>. It's all free. 
I think most of the support files are already in teTeX, as part of the 
support for MathTime fonts. In my opinion the LY1 metrics are superior 
to the T1 metrics (in French, at least, the spacing between words, and 
hyphenations, look nicer to my eye).

But in both cases you'll have to group yourself the font in families, 
create different sizes, etc. Part of the fun of plain TeX (no irony 
here, I do like plain TeX, and use it when I have time; it's flexible, 
powerful, elegant and clean).

Good luck,

Bruno Voisin

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