[OS X TeX] Flawed pdfs

David Oliver daoliver at swva.net
Mon Nov 11 20:53:15 EST 2002

In using

TeXShop 1.20; teTex; TeX+Ghoscript; boxedeps

to typeset  documents with illustrations in eps format, I occasionally 
get flawed pdfs in which symbols fail to appear in the eps 
illustrations. These include superscript, equals signs, and upper case 
symbols from the \cal font. Empty outline boxes sometimes appear in the 
screen image in place of the missing symbol, but these boxes do not 
appear in printed output. The epss were generated in Adobe Illustrator. 
All symbols appear flawlessly in the pdfs generated from Illustrator 
using the same eps source. So there is something amiss in the pdf 
generation in the TeXShop/teTex system.

Diagnoses? Cures?


David Oliver

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