[OS X TeX] How to open *.dvi

Axel E. Retif axretif at att.net.mx
Tue Nov 5 03:13:18 EST 2002

On Sunday, Nov 3, 2002, at 16:40 America/Mexico_City, Ulrich Hofer 

> If I try to open a dvi-file, both itexmac and texshop simply do 
> nothing at all. Dragging the file to the dock icon leads to the same 
> result.
> What am I doing wrong?

If you have installed Wierda's recent distribution and run his 
configuration script, all I can think is

1) Do you have a mixture of Wierda's and fink distributions of TeX?

2) Where is the .dvi file you try to view located? I mean ---is it in a 
write-protected directory? For example, a .dvi file inside 
/usr/local/teTeX... If so, you have to copy it to your Desktop or any 
other folder in your Home.

If neither is the case, I suggest you to inform Mr. Wierda about your 
setup, so he can help you.


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