[OS X TeX] danish hyphenation patterns

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Nov 1 17:13:39 EST 2002

On Friday, Nov 1, 2002, at 14:17 Europe/Amsterdam, Steffen Lund Hokland 

> Hi,
> I just joined the list and havn't been able to find anything on the 
> subject. I need to enable the hyphnation patterns for danish, so I 
> copied the language.dat file from 
> /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf/tex/generic/config/ to 
> ~/Library/texmf/tex/generic/config/
> and uncommented the line containing danish. Then as root: fmtutil --all
> I thought this would work, but it didn't.

> What am I missing?

i-Installer v2 of course! ;-)

Just get it through http://www.rna.nl/ii.html, open the known packages 
menu. select the TeX Configuration package and hit configure. The 
second configuration panel is languages (for most formats). Make sure 
the package points to the right location (/usr/local/teTeX by default)


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