[OS X TeX] Drop Caps

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Fri Nov 22 19:05:32 EST 2002

On Friday, Nov 22, 2002, at 23:00 Europe/Amsterdam, Bob Kerstetter 

> Does GW teTeX have a dropcap package?
> drop.sty, dropcaps.sty, initials.sty do not seem be there.

Initials says:

%% (C) Copyright 1999-2000 Frank Mittelbach
%% All rights reserved.
%% Not for general distribution. In its present form it is not allowed
%% to put this package onto CD or an archive without consulting the
%% the authors.

drop.sty and dropcaps.sty are not part of TeX Live or teTeX. There is 
droppings.sty but it's license is such that it won't make it to teTeX.


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