[OS X TeX] TUG2003 Big Island Hawaii - July 20-24, 2003

Wendy McKay wgm at cds.caltech.edu
Mon Nov 18 04:48:23 EST 2002

Dear Mac OS X TeX Enthusiasts 

The 24th annual meeting and conferencce of the TeX Users Group 
will be held on the Big Island Hawaii in 2003 on July 20-24
for the Silver Anniversay -- 25 Years! -- of TeX.

Special guests Professors Hermann Zapf (honorary TUG member) and his wife 
Gundrun Zapf, renowned  Calligraphers and Font designers, and Duane Bibby, 
TeX Lion Cartoon Artist, are some of the  friends of the TeX community who 
will be coming to TUG 2003.  In addition, I am pleased to let you know 
that some of the  leaders of the MacOS X TeX and teTeX development team 
(Richard Koch,  Gerben Weirda,  and Thomas Esser) are planning to be 
there. Gary Gray (who is  kindly providing  us with web support and 
this mailing list) and  Francesco Costanzo  will be sharing some 
of their teaching experiences and expertise with us in workshops and 

I would also like to invite some of the knowledgable experts on this list
to also consider making presentations from the user aspect, and as many of 
you as possible to come to the meeting and  have an  opportunity to have a 
live  discussion in a  birds-of-a-feather session on MacOS X TeX.
This would be a great opportunity for you to meet each other and 
exchange information in person. 
There will also  be exciting talks on LaTeX, pdfTeX, 
ConTeXt, Omega, XML, MathML, fonts, graphics, and much more...

The first deadline for abstracts and titles is due today to get us started 
with a schedule but if you have something that you might like to 
contribute please submit it for consideration as soon as possible. 
For submitting papers, see: 

We would appreciate it very much, if you would  also download  the TUG2003  
flyer, print it,  and post it in the TeX Friendly Zone near your office 
area  and around your institution, to help us promote the use of TeX and 
to communicate with other TeX Users not reading this mailing list.  See

If you cannot attend the meeting, any contributions you can
make toward the future development of the TeX family of programs and the 
success of TUG2003 would be welcome and you can join us in spirit.

Hope to meet you in Hawaii!

wendy mckay
TUG2003 Organizing Committee

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