[OS X TeX] oslash

Peder Axensten f95-pax at nada.kth.se
Wed Nov 27 04:18:21 EST 2002

On tisdag, nov 26, 2002, at 17:10 Europe/Stockholm, Gerben Wierda wrote:

> On Tuesday, Nov 26, 2002, at 11:38 Europe/Amsterdam, Peder Axensten 
> wrote:
>> (And Gerben, a number of files (e.g. sehyphen) are missing from the 
>> ls-R file as installed by your installer. This means that activating 
>> Swedish will make the initialization fail unless a manual "sudo 
>> texhash" is done before, to update the ls-R.)
> They are also missing from my distribution. That is because they are 
> missing from teTeX. And that is because there is (for instance) no 
> sehyph.tex with a license (free, freely distributable) that Thomas 
> Esser will make part of teTeX.

So my sehyph.tex is a leftover from an old installation -- that 
explains it. The files that I found missing are vital for some 
languages, I'm really sorry to hear that license problems exist also 
with TeX...

The problem that \o renders the wrong character on my system could 
probably be linked to my having old files still present. Could someone 
please check wether \o creates an oslash or a c with ´ on their system?

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