[OS X TeX] TeXShop :a question

Maarten Sneep sneep at nat.vu.nl
Wed Nov 20 11:49:05 EST 2002

On 20-Nov-02 Alessandro Languasco wrote:
> Hi all,
> I hope that someone can help me.
> A fried of mine is an amstex fan
> and he wishes to use this old tex-dialect with texshop.
> I built the amstex-format using the excellent ii-2 installer
> (thanks, Gerben !) and in texshop I defined as Personal Script
> such a new format.

Just the amstex program?

> Now I can compile the file, but the .dvi file is not
> automatically converted in a .pdf file and so it is not
> automatically displayed by TeXshop.

no, amstex generates dvi, not pdf.

> Maybe I did not write the right command in the Personal Script.

Three parts:
Use pdftex, instead of tex to compile the sources. May not be possible due to
included graphics.

I assume you set amstex as the personal script. I would suggest to write a
small shell script that calls amstex and then continues to convert the dvi into
pdf. You could use the standard altpdftex for that (this is what texshop does
when you drop a dvi on it).

Instead of the perfectly fine altpdftex, you could try dvipdfm instead. Just
see what works.

good luck.

Maarten Sneep

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