[OS X TeX] installing .cls and .sty for all users

Alessandro Languasco ale.languasco at libero.it
Sun Nov 24 12:28:00 EST 2002

I am not sure but I think that you can put the style files
you wish to share in the


folder, i.e., in the not in your Library folder but in the general one
(you find it at the same level of the Application folder).


On Domenica, nov 24, 2002, at 17:46 Europe/Rome, Michael Betsch wrote:

>> Hi List!
>> What is the best path to install class and style files to? I am using 
>> several Mac OS X.2 Macs that have different users each, and all 
>> should be able to use all classes and styles. Will they be able to 
>> use the files I install in the ~/Library/texmf folder when I am 
>> logged in as an admin (not root) user?
>> Do I have to chmod the folders and files in order to be able to use 
>> them? I remember reading about something like that, but cannot 
>> remember where..
> Assuming you are using G. Wierda's teTeX, then  LaTeX style and class 
> files that should be available to all users on this computer go into 
> the following directory:
> /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local/tex/latex
> make some subdirectory there and copy your files into that 
> subdirectory (as root or via "sudo"). Then make sure the new files are 
> readable by anyone and register the new files by the command "sudo 
> texhash".
> Making your ~/Library/texmf folder accessible to anyone is no good 
> solution because other users would not find them (they would have to 
> modify their TeX search paths first).
> Michael Betsch

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