[OS X TeX] TeXShop 1.22 crash

Holger Frauenrath mail at frauenrath.com
Sun Nov 10 18:41:47 EST 2002

On Sunday, November 10, 2002, at 05:29 PM, Holger Frauenrath wrote:

> Hi.
> For the first time ever I experience TeXShop crashes!
> I want to typset a document, for which one graphic file is missing. 
> So, when the error message appears in the console, I just hit return 
> (as I have always done), which will make TeXShop "quit unexpectedly". 
> This is reproducible. I would like to be more specific, but I have no 
> idea how to find out what is the reason. There is no message in the 
> (MacOS X) console or something like that.

... and as a follow-up: the same document, which previously was 
displayed just fine, now shows the "empty pages" problem when you add 
the missing figure. All pages in the PDF are empty in TeXShop, but they 
display fine in Acrobat. I seem to remember that this has been 
discussed on the list earlier. Could somebody point me to the cause of 
the problem, and possibly a fix?


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