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Bruce D'Arcus bdarcus at fastmail.fm
Thu Nov 28 07:53:26 EST 2002

On Thursday, November 28, 2002, at 03:46 AM, Jérôme Laurens wrote:

> teTeX and OS X have their own font management but it is possible to 
> convert some OS X font into something that can be used within teTeX.
> However, there might be some legal issues in doing such a thing.
> Can someone tell me the limitations there?

 From previous discussions, seems the conclusion is it's OK to convert 
the fonts on your system for use there. You just can't distribute them.

> Also, can you point me to infos about available fonts for TeX, some 
> kind of html survey page.

My periodic plug:

Download the ttf2tex package from CTAN, and read the PDF manual.  You 
then need to download the font tool Fondu from sourceforge to convert 
to the proper format.  Now, rename those files based on the 
instructions in the ttf2tex manual, run the script on the files, and 
you have your newly-installed fonts.  To show how cool this is, try the 
-x option on Hoefler Text, which (if things haven't changed) gets you 
real small caps and old-style figures.

Note: I learned not long ago that Apple is no longer shipping the GX 
fonts like Hoefler Text with OS X.  Bad decision, but it might be a 
good idea to make sure you have a copy of these fonts safe somewhere!  
Hoefler, in particular, is a really nice font for an OS X TeX 


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