[OS X TeX] blank display of documents in TeXShop?

Johann Beda j-beda at pobox.com
Fri Nov 1 11:24:46 EST 2002

	Howdy you TeX Mac OS X mailing list people,

	Here is a head scratcher for you.

	Last week I updated my wife's computers to Gerben's latest fat
installation and the latest TeXShop (1.20).

	The computer is a PowerMac G4 933MHz single processor, 1Gig Ram,
running Mac OS X 10.1.5.

	Everything seemed to be working fine with previously created files,
but there is something screwy going on with newly created documents.  I
will try to describe the problem, but might not do so very well, since I
got the description over the phone.

	When she creates a new document, say something simple that just
prints "test" onto a page, and hits the "LaTeX" button, the window that
TeXShop opens up to display test.pdf is completely blank.  However, in both
Acrobat Reader and Apple's Preview, the file test.pdf displays fine, and it
prints fine from TeXShop or Acrobat or Preview.

	This seems to be a problem only newly created files or with files
that have been "saved as" something else after some edits.  I had my wife
delete the preferences .plist for TeXShop thinking that that might help,
and it did not.

	Any ideas?

	I just took another look at the TeXShop web page and noteced some
discussion about "~/Library/TeXShop/Templates".  When I installed 1.20 I
did not do anything about this - should I have?  I know we did not modify
the Templates in any earlier installation - if I ssh to the machine in
question and delete the ~/Library/TeXShop/ folder will TeXShop recreate a
brand new version of the correct files?  Well, I just had my wife delete
the folder and a new one was created, but the problem persisted.

	What next?  Any other things I should be testing?  I have not yet
tested the other two machines in the lab to see if they have the same
problems or not.  This seems like a TeXShop problem, but might it be with
the underlying TeX stuff somehow?

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