[OS X TeX] PDFslide transitions -- do they work?

Michael Murray mmurray at maths.adelaide.edu.au
Fri Nov 29 01:19:14 EST 2002

After seeing the discussion here on pdfTeX based presentations, I 
thought I would review what was out there and took a look at 
pdfslide.  Using my handy TeXshop plus Gerben's TeX distribution, I 
was quickly able to reTeX the manual for pdfSlide and it looked nice. 
As my subject line says, however, the manual supposedly includes page 
transitions, but, there were no transitions I could see in Acrobat 
5.05 (mac) or for that matter there weren't any when I copied the 
example file to a pc.  Is the page transition feature broken (I can 
live with out it)?


My epxerience (using Ubuild) has been that page  transitions in PDF 
are broken in Acrobat 5 on OSX. They still work  in Acrobat 4 in 
Classic :-(

That doesn't explain what went wrong when you moved it to a pc of course!


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