[OS X TeX] oslash

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Tue Nov 26 11:10:59 EST 2002

On Tuesday, Nov 26, 2002, at 11:38 Europe/Amsterdam, Peder Axensten 

> (And Gerben, a number of files (e.g. sehyphen) are missing from the 
> ls-R file as installed by your installer. This means that activating 
> Swedish will make the initialization fail unless a manual "sudo 
> texhash" is done before, to update the ls-R.)

They are also missing from my distribution. That is because they are 
missing from teTeX. And that is because there is (for instance) no 
sehyph.tex with a license (free, freely distributable) that Thomas 
Esser will make part of teTeX.


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