[OS X TeX] Drop Caps using lettrine.sty

Bob Kerstetter bkerstetter at mac.com
Mon Nov 25 17:04:29 EST 2002

Downloaded the lettrine stuff from CTAN.

Then as the lettrine docs say, in part:

Ran latex on lettrine.dtx to get the documentation (lettrine.dvi),

Ran latex on lettrine.ins to strip the comments and create lettrine.sty.

Then as GW's online doc says:

Created /Library/texmf/tex/latex/misc and stuck lettrine.sty into it.

Put \usepackage{lettrine} at the top of the doc.

Put  \lettrine{B}{lah foo blah blah. . . . for about four lines.} in 
the document body.

Result: Dropcap looked fine. The first line had the correct indention. 
But it never wrapped.  It took off to the right and kept on going.

Go this messages from the console, which appears to be the important 
message in this case:

Overfull \hbox (2216.00104pt too wide) in paragraph at lines 47--48

Any suggestions?

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