[OS X TeX] Emacs and TeX

Martin Steer m.steer at coombs.anu.edu.au
Mon Nov 11 21:58:30 EST 2002

Hi. I need a TeX-savvy editor for OS 10.2, and emacs looks good. But the
carbon-emacs binaries I've tried (v21.3.50: from Enrico
Franconi and from Alex Rice) are unable to launch TeX, BibTeX, etc
(although otherwise they're great). For both binaries any TeX process
terminates with the message
that it "exited abnormally with code 1". According to the info pages this could
be caused by a problem with the 'env' program not being properly installed. env
is however inside the emacs binary (attested to run on OS 10.2) so I guess
is not the cause of my problem (?). I get the same result on two different
machines (the only peculiarity they have in common is that each has XFree86
installed). I'm
using Gerben Wierda's teTex and can compile and typeset from the terminal
(outside emacs). Can I make this work without resorting to building my own
(which I'm not yet set up to do)?  Ideally I'd like to run emacs with
auctex, reftex, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Martin Steer
Department of Linguistics
Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies
Australian National University
Canberra 0200

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