[OS X TeX] OT: Licensing free software (i-Installer)

Gerben Wierda Sherlock at rna.nl
Thu Nov 7 12:03:05 EST 2002

On Thursday, Nov 7, 2002, at 17:36 Europe/Amsterdam, Johann Beda wrote:

> 	Given my perception of the scope of your project and the likely
> users of your software (and my own personal bias) I would vote for GPL,
> with perhaps a note explaining that people should contact the author if
> they need access to the source under a different license

The packages 'are' source, except for the archive which is a 
repackaging of someone else's work, which will fall under any original 
license. i-Installer v2 will also be free and open source. If I get 
legal complaints about me distributing something, I will just stop 
distributing it.

> (maybe you can
> sell a license to Apple for big bucks?)

Fat chance... Maybe when I return form vacation I'll find a 
complimentary copy of DVD Studio Pro and Final Cut Pro on my doormat so 
that I can make *really* professional movies about our 2-year old 

> 	Or another idea is to have people vote with their donation monies -
> the biggest total donation after a set period would decide the license.

Excellent idea! ;-)

There is a donations link on my web site: http://www.rna.nl/tex.html 
... Cost still exceeds donations by an order of magintude if not more. 
Let's see what I discover when I return from our vacation ;-)


(La Palma, here we come! Any user there of my distribution there, may 
buy us a glass of wine.)

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