[OS X TeX] PDF with Lucida Bright

Adrian Heathcote adrian.heathcote at philosophy.usyd.edu.au
Fri Nov 15 23:05:13 EST 2002

> I think its possible to extract the font from the pdf file with the
> correct tools and that for this reason many companies require you to
> subset the fonts when publishing electronically.  So all that is in the
> pdf file are the exact fonts that you need.

This raises the question of what the default behaviour of pdftex is.

But also---I don't know whether this is a matter with any practical 
consequences. After all if the article or book is large enough, 
subsetting will give you the entire font anyway. (Recall the way 
subsetting works: if your total gylph usage is above some set amount 
then 100% of the font is embedded.) Also, this is lawyer-driven 
nonsense. You've paid for the font and fair usage. If you can't use it 
in an article or pdf what have you actually bought. I doubt if there is 
a single case of someone being prosecuted for distributing a pdf with 
100% subsetting. And if it were tried I doubt if the companies would 

Adrian Heathcote

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