[OS X TeX] PDFslide transitions -- do they work?

Dr. Paul Fons paul-fons at aist.go.jp
Thu Nov 28 03:22:04 EST 2002

After seeing the discussion here on pdfTeX based presentations, I 
thought I would review what was out there and took a look at pdfslide.  
Using my handy TeXshop plus Gerben's TeX distribution, I was quickly 
able to reTeX the manual for pdfSlide and it looked nice.  As my 
subject line says, however, the manual supposedly includes page 
transitions, but, there were no transitions I could see in Acrobat 5.05 
(mac) or for that matter there weren't any when I copied the example 
file to a pc.  Is the page transition feature broken (I can live with 
out it)?  I also installed ppower4 on my mac for the demo and it works 
alright as well, but I am curious if it is possible to use more 
flexible tools like Adobe Illustrator to generate graphic overlays 
rather than the Xfig (I think) based example which seem to require 
inputting lots of coordinates.

   Any cache of examples out there (source and pdf)?  Ross Moore seemed 
to have a nice CalTeX talk I accessed via google, but the links don't 
work in it.

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