[OS X TeX] Shell Scripts and Paths (again)

Nigel King king at dircon.co.uk
Mon Nov 18 05:11:23 EST 2002

>> setenv MANPATH "/sw/share/man:/usr/share/man"
> This method is out of date since 10.2. See "man manpath"
Thanks for this, however note the following. MANPATH is set in the first
command but doesn't set the path for teTeX. Is that a bug in symbolic links?

[Nigel-Kings-G4:~] nigelk% manpath -d
found mandatory man directory /usr/share/man
found optional man directory /usr/local/lib/perl5/5.6.1/man
found manpath map /bin --> /usr/share/man
found manpath map /usr/bin --> /usr/share/man
found manpath map /usr/local/bin --> /usr/local/man
found manpath map /usr/X11R6/bin --> /usr/X11R6/man
found manpath map /usr/local/teTeX/bin/powerpc-apple-darwin-current -->
(Warning: MANPATH environment variable set)
[Nigel-Kings-G4:~] nigelk% locate pdftex | grep /man
[Nigel-Kings-G4:~] nigelk% man pdftex
No manual entry for pdftex
[Nigel-Kings-G4:~] nigelk% setenv MANPATH "${MANPATH}:/usr/local/teTeX/man"
[Nigel-Kings-G4:~] nigelk% man pdftex
PDFTEX(1)                                               PDFTEX(1)
The man pages follow

In the last line of manpath -d there is no teTeX entry? This is 10.2.2.

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