[OS X TeX] Diacritic accents directly in source file

Luis Sequeira lsequeir at fc.ul.pt
Thu Nov 7 05:02:31 EST 2002

>	Thanks for the very useful reply Bruno, the 
>[applemac]{inputenc} option/package did the trick. It alone, without 
>the need for the {isolatin1} package nor the [latin1] option, gives 
>me properly accented letter cases in the output file when I type 
>them "normally" in the source file. The only thing that concerns me 
>about this solution is the eventual portability of such file to 
>other platforms. I'm afraid that the file might choke when processed 
>by LaTeX in, say, x86 Linux. I guess that to get everything 
>straight, properly accented letter cases and portability, I'd have 
>to play with the packages/option and the file encoding upon saving 
>it, but the fast approaching deadline I have to deliver this 
>document prohibits me from playing with this any further. But, 
>pretty please, if any one has already figured this out then I do not 
>mind in any way listening to the answer to my question!
>	Thanks again for the reply Bruno, you just saved me quite 
>some time (don't ask me to pay you because I'm quite broke for the 
>time being :-) !!).
>	My warm regards to all,...

I think it is likely that if you use


then your file will not look well if viewed in another operating 
system but *should* typeset just fine.

I cannot guarantee it, because I only use macs. I do know that it 
works the other way around: I have received files with accented 
characters that came from a windows machine and used inputenc (with 
the appropriate option for windows, I don't remember what that is). 
They looked ugly in the editor (had Ì instead of ê, etc.) but the 
typeset result was correct. That is how things ought to work too, but 
hey, this is a mac :-).


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