[OS X TeX] getting started

J.M.Font pep at mac-club.to
Fri Oct 11 11:58:20 EDT 2002

El 11/10/02, stephen brown va escriure:

>  I know I can create an ascii file with LateX code. I can edit the
>  .tex file that my coauthor has sent me (created in Scientific Word on
>  a PC) using BBedit lite, or Alpha.

To the very good advices you have already received, I would just add: 
If your .tex file comes from Scientific Word, and after installing 
everything you experience typesetting problems, look into the first 
lines of the file for unusual \input or \usepackage commands: 
Scientific Word sometimes does use its own style files (or fonts), 
which might not be found in the standard distributions... then ask 
your co-author to send you them.


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