[OS X TeX] bibliography to bib

Emilio Faro efaro at dma.uvigo.es
Tue Oct 8 06:47:02 EDT 2002

"Donal B. Day" wrote:

> Has any created a script/tool that can convert a list of bibitems into a
> bib file?

You pose a difficult question because the \bibitem entries in a .bbl file
are not properly marked for automatically extracting the information. The
only reliable .bbl --> .bib converter I know of is a human retyping the

Nevertheless, some amount of work may be saved if the entries in your .bbl
file have some degree of uniformity, such as all being articles, or
books..., or have been typed following a uniform scheme (something unlikely
if they have been obtained from many different sources by cutting and
pasting...). Sometimes it is possible to manually do a minimum of markup so
that the information we want may be extracted by a database program.
Then it would be a piece of cake to put the information in BibTeX format.

Emilio Faro

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